ICNL has a vibrant logistics division that provides multimodal haulage services to corporate organizations across the nation.

We proudly stand head and shoulders above our competitors offering similar logistics services with our unique combination of experience, service excellence, and cutting edge technology while remaining cost-effective. which allows us to provide logistics services that offer a high degree of reliability

The trucks in our fleet have an outstanding reputation for durability, reliability, safety, and optimal performance.  We provide best value in terms of pricing, truck quality and service delivery.

Our deliverables include;
  • Goods in Transit Insurance (G-I-T) cover for the client’s goods
  • Sound tracking system on all our trucks which provides live status of trucks
  • Designated mechanical workshop that can service 100 trucks with ample parking space
  • Sound fleet management and journey management plan which ensures just-in-time delivery of cargo and swift rescue/replacement of trucks in the event of breakdown
  • Experience and licensed drivers who are conversant with Nigerian roads and full complement of Nigeria Customs Service escort for Bonded containers to ensure safe delivery of cargo
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